Can Breastfeeding Mother Drink Beer?

Can Breastfeeding Mother Drink Beer?

Breastfeeding is very important to a baby in various ways. It provides the baby with the required nutrients that are essential in growth and development. A breastfeeding mother needs to ensure that her baby is breastfed well until the baby comes of the right age. The breastfeeding mother needs to feed well in order to equip breast milk with the essential nutrients. She has to be careful with what she eats and drinks. The health of her baby is always at stake, and that calls for a lot of discretion and discernment when it comes to the foods and drinks that she prefers. This is where drinking beer comes in. Many breastfeeding mothers are always left at crossroads on whether it is safe to drink alcohol or not. In fact, there are organizations that have gone to the extent of warning breastfeeding mothers against drinking alcohol. This means that there have to be some risks that accrue from breastfeeding mothers who drink beer.

Is It Harmful To Breastfeeding Mothers To Drink Wine, Beer or Hard Alcohol?


This is a question that many breastfeeding mothers ask themselves. It is evident that breastfeeding mothers need to eat healthy so that their babies can get the needed nutrients. Unfortunately, there are some mothers that cannot afford to fight the urge of drinking, wine or beer. The question is that, are they putting their babies and themselves at risk? You can still drink, wine or hard alcohol while still breastfeeding. However, there is a catch, you have to do it in controlled amounts. You can take a glass of beer or wine twice a week. This does not expose you or your baby to any health risks. It is your responsibility to stick to this guideline if indeed you cannot keep off from drinking alcohol. You will still enjoy your alcohol while keeping your baby’s health intact. It just becomes dangerous if you drink a lot of alcohol. The alcohol will negatively affect the growth and development of your baby. Your baby will have stunted growth, a condition which no mother wishes for her child. If you have to drink alcohol, then do it in controlled amounts. You will be on the safe side.

How Can I Safely Have An Occasional Drink During Breastfeeding?

It is safe to drink alcohol but in controlled amounts. This helps prevent your baby from having stunted growth. Even though it is safe to drink alcohol but in reduced amounts, how occasionally can a breastfeeding mother drink? This is a question that most breastfeeding mothers have failed to unravel. In fact, they have different opinions on how often a breastfeeding woman should drink. Other breastfeeding mothers have received false advice which has led to some negative impacts on them and their babies. It is recommended that as a breastfeeding mother who drinks alcohol, to only drink a glass of beer or wine twice a week. This is a standard that will help keep at bay the effects of drinking alcohol. You have to discipline yourself so that you do not exceed this recommended level of drinking. Sticking to this practice will prevent you from ruining the growth and development process of your baby. Be mindful about your baby and just stick to one glass of your favorite alcohol twice a week.

Can I have More than One Drink During Breastfeeding?

There is a possibility that you can have more than one drink while breastfeeding. However, you have to do that under precautions. First, you have to ensure you use a standard cup or glass if you want to drink alcohol. Ensure you take only drink a glass of beer or wine twice a week. This is the only way you can have more than one drink if you are a breastfeeding mother. This is a strategy that will allow you to enjoy your favorite alcohol but still not put the growth and development of your baby in jeopardy. Make the most out of this plan if you really have to drink alcohol.

 Will Drinking Beer Increase My Breast Milk Supply?

Milk production is an important process for any breastfeeding mother. It ensures that there is enough breastmilk for the baby. Since breastmilk is essential to the growth and development of an infant it has to be available in sufficient amounts. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid engaging in activities that are bound to tamper with milk production. One of the behaviors that reduce milk production is drinking alcohol in high amounts. Alcohol tampers with oxytocin, which is a hormone that facilitates lactation. Once this hormone is tampered with, there will be a reduction in milk production. This occurrence will put the growth and development of your baby at risk. If you have to take alcohol to ensure you drink in controlled amounts. Avoid messing up with milk production for the sake of your baby.

 How Soon After Drinking Can I Breastfeed?

It is not recommended for one to breastfeed the baby immediately after drinking. You have to take some time and wait for the alcohol effects to subside. Then you will be ok to go ahead and breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding mothers take different times before the effects of alcohol disappear. Waiting for two hours before breastfeeding your baby is ideal. By then the effects of alcohol would have disappeared. You also have to take alcohol as recommended. Do not drink too much alcohol and expect its effects to go away in just two hours. That is not how it works.

It is not a secret anymore that there are breastfeeding mothers who drink alcohol. As you know alcohol has a tendency of reducing milk production. This means that the baby will lack enough breastmilk that is important for growth and development. If you are a breastfeeding mother who is hooked to the bottle then you have to think twice. Fortunately, there is a perfect remedy for breastfeeding mothers who drink alcohol. Such mothers can still drink alcohol but in controlled amounts. This practice has no effects on milk production activity. Discipline is very key in ensuring responsible drinking for breastfeeding mothers.

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